Wow! Session 1 was Awesome!

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

[This is a little lengthy one but a goody, please eat it all up....(smile)]

Wow! Welcome again ladies to Cultivating Your Wellness Group Coaching!  All I can say is how excited I am to have each and every one of you ladies apart of our group coaching.  First I would like to properly introduce everyone to the group. So welcome Andrea, Jeunelle, Cynthia, Marquita and Crystal!  You ladies are so full of ambition and zeal and I am looking forward to seeing your transformations as we journey through our coaching together.  Our first session was awesome!  I was able to learn a little about your goals and expectations for your health and wellness.  We used the first part of our session to go over our agreements and program preliminaries but there was still some information that is very essential for everyone to get back to me.  

Please take your time to thoughtfully complete the following papers

Needed by December 2nd:
- Health History (completed)
-Program Agreement (signed)

I will be scheduling a time to call each of you ladies individually to do some Laser health coaching.  We will go over your Health history and I will support you in establishing your goals and we can put some action steps in place so you can begin walking in the right direction.

You may email or give them to me by December 2nd.  I am looking forward to you being successful on your journey together and the information you provide on your papers will ensure that we will stay focused on what you envision yourself to be at the end of these 6 months.  

Session 1 was our Getting Started session and we talked about Glorious Greens!  Yummy!  It has been great hearing about what new recipes you have been coming up with and the new foods you are trying.  Super cool!  I would love everyone to have the chance to share and support one another so please make sure that you accept the E-group invitation that was sent to your email (check your junk mail also if you missed it) so that everyone can share what they are learning.  

I will be using our E-group forum to learn more about you ladies and to ask questions.  You can use it for the same!  

So if you haven't already started here are your 'action steps' from this session:
1. Complete the above papers and get them to me by December 2nd.
2. Cook and eat a new green or recipe for your favorite green
3. Take one small and one big action step towards one of your goals 
4. Schedule a Laser Health Coaching call with Me once I receive your papers

Last quick little bitty note:
Everyone will receive an email invoice at the beginning of the month before our scheduled session. This will act as your receipt once payment is received either in person or online. 

Remember I am here to support you and I am here anytime you need me.  Just shoot me a text, email or give me a call.  

I pray above all things that you may prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.  May you continue to bear good fruit and be that good tree that God had planted you to be.  

Love you all!

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