Let's get Healthy!!! Session #2

Good Day Ladies!

Session #2 is so great!  It is full of great content!  Most importantly it introduced us to new food and new concepts.  

Grains was the name of the game for this session.  I hope you have become adventurous and tried some new grains.  If not, its never too late to start.  Also, Primary and Secondary foods were so insightful!  I just love this concept!  

Biggie of the week are your goals.  I share more support on that in the video so make sure to get your goals into me as soon as possible!  

Link to the Mayo Clinic Exercise article Read Here

As always I'm just a click away either by email, text or phone so give me a buzz!  I'm here for you.  

I look forward to scheduling our laser coaching this weekend!   Enjoy the video!

To your whole health and well being,

Rechon Blanding