Prevent + Correct Facials

Ageless Facial - $100

(anti-aging for all ages + skin types ages 25 + )

This facial is known for its instant tightening, brightening and smoothing effects.  Combining customized technology (Microcurrent - lifting, Ultrasonic - exfoliation + product penetration, LED Light - skin healing + wrinkle smoothing).  In just one treatment you will see renewed skin.  Reducing fine lines and wrinkles while soothing and softening.  Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid will instantly transform your skin. 


Therapeutic Blemish + Acne Facial - $85

(Blemish skin, grade 1 & 2 acne)

A great treatment for those suffering from acne breakouts and skin that is prone to blackheads, blemishes and acne scarring.  The therapeutic treatment features the pimple vanishing  technology of Acne Clear Touch Lite with the brightening power of Glycolic or Vitamin C Peel This acne-control treatment improves and refines unbalanced skin complexion.  Prevents and controls future break-outs; resulting in clearer smoother skin.

Deep Clean + Infuse Facials

Ultra Detox Facial  - $85

(all skin types; esp. environmentally stressed, congested skin + dehydrated skin)

An anti-inflammatory facial with that is designed to nourish and soothe the skin.  The combination of Ultra Sonic Skin Exfoliation that loosens and removes oil, dirt, and cellular debris from follicles to achieve a healthy, radiant glow. It diminishes wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Aids in penetrating topical skin products beyond the epidermis through Sonophoresis.   This mood lifting treatment features antioxidants as well as pleasant aromas.  Tighten capillaries, reduce redness and clear impurities with this facial.


Diamond Microdermabrasion - $90

(all skin types except irritated sensitive skin)

This treatment sloughs off dry, dehydrated skin, re-textures fine lines, diminishes pore size, and promotes a more youthful appearance. A gentle cleanse and tone are followed by professional exfoliation utilizing radiance-enhancing Diamond tip microdermabrasion to boost skin’s vitality. Next, a treatment masque is applied to increase absorption of nutrients and further smooth and polish the surface layer of the dermis


Well + Nourished Facials

Jade Stone Facial - $80

(all skin types)

This facial treatment was made famous by ancient royal families that used the beneficial effects of gentle jade stone massage on their face to keep a healthy, youthful appearance. Time honored and proven safe and effective at keeping a healthy youthful glow.  Aromatherapy is combine to create a wonderful experience for your senses. 


Selah Rejuvenating Facial - $80

(all skin types)

This Rejuvenating facial uses ancient blends of therapeutic plant and flower essences to combat signs of stress.  It will invigorate your appearance and revive your skin's appearance and texture.  Skin is left balanced and refreshed.  You will feel truly renewed from head to toe.

Skin Peels

Glycolic Facial Exfoliation - $85

(pigmented, acne, dry, wrinkles + fine lines, all skin types)

This peel improves skin tone and texture, lightens pigment and stimulates collagen production.  Great for improving acne and removing superficial keratosis.


Vitamin C Peel- $85

(age defying, all skin types)

This powerful skin treatment instantly transforms the skin by removing lifeless skin cells and building collagen and elastin.  Tone texture and elasticity are dramatically improved in just one treatment. Your complexion will glow while looking more beautiful and radiant. 

Back Facial

Therapeutic Back Facial  $65 (45 min)

Popular during summer months and for those with minor breakouts.  A custom deep cleansing back treatment with the works.  Includes aromatic essential oils and high-tech add-ons if needed.  Technology such as microdermabrasion (exfoliation) and Acne Clear Touch (acne care) are used as needed for no extra charge.  Relaxing aromatherapy completes your treatment.


Detox + Sauna Wraps

Far Infrared Exfoliating Sauna Wrap - $55 (30min-45min)

(add with any treatment)

The technology of infrared is full of benefits, the soothing wrap heats your body internally helping to soothe and relax muscle, therapy for pain of old injuries, release toxins and burn calories.  So soothing and relaxing you can take a nap!


  • ·         Detox at cellular level
  • ·         Weight loss in calorie burning
  • ·         Relaxation & Stress Reduction
  • ·         Blood Pressure Reduction
  • ·         Relieves muscle pain


Pure Charge Energetic Detox Foot Spa - $30 (30 min)

(add to any treatment)

Unlike any other foot bath detox, this system keeps the water stays clean + clear the entire duration of your treatment (dirty water or color in the water is Not Beneficial).  Works by sending energy through your body that energizes your cells to release toxins internally.  Your body gently and naturally eliminates these toxins.  Coupled with a healthy lifestyle, your body can continue to feel increased energy, mental clarity and vitality.


  • ·         Increase Vitality
  • ·         Balance Meridians
  • ·         Bio cleanse & Detoxify
  • ·         Improve Circulation
  • ·         Relax & Rejuvenate
  • ·         Gentle & Effective


Hair Removal

Eyebrows $15

Lip $8

Chin $10

Underarms $30